A-F Betafood 

Indications: Gallbladder symptoms, liver disease, elevated cholesterol, hypoglycemia and elevated homocysteine levels.

There are many sources of naturally occurring betaine in the plant world, but the greatest source is the young growing beet leaves. Studies have shown that supplements containing naturally occurring betaine will help protect against cirrhosis.  Homocysteine, a metabolite of the essential amino acid, methionine, cannot be converted to methionine without the participation of betaine.  Without homocysteine being converted, it will build up in the blood causing fat accumulation and eventually cause damage to a number of organs and tissues.  A-F Betafood is a gallbladder and liver decongestant, supports fat metabolism, thinning and mobilization of bile and assists in the conversion of blood fat to sugar.

Dr. Royal Lee says, one of the most valuable nutrients present in beet leaf juice is betaine.  Betaine, you will recall, is one of the B-complex factors of the methyl-donor groups, which plays a valuable role in the intermediate processes of the body.  Betaine has been widely reported as a lipotrophic agent--fat metabolism factor--and the contained betaine in beet leaf juice may be one of the main reasons why beet leaf juice has been useful in the relief of gallbladder congestion.

Standard Processe's A-F Betafood is primarily for gallbladder problems.  It contains Cataplex A, Cataplex F, and straight Betafood. The Cataplex A and Cataplex F thin the bile and the Betafood flushes the bile route, so the supplement has a detoxifying action and its very specific in gallbladder cases. 

Medical Disclaimer

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