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Gemmotherapy is a branch of phytotherapy that uses the embryological tissues of plants to enhance organ function and facilitate tissue regeneration.

These remedies have relevant antioxidant potential and may show functional and beneficial interactions with the immune system.

Those who are sensitive to medications and/or electromagnetic radiations, might respond well to Gemmotherapy.

Contact your Holistic Physician today to see if Gemmotherapy might support your Healing Goals.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Chlorella for Healing

Chlorella is a nutrient dense algae that has been used to Boost immunity, improve liver health, and Detoxify heavy metals from the body.

Chlorella can improve Anaerobic and Aerobic exercise performance, and modulate gut flora to help control body weight.

Depending on your Health Goals, the effects of Chlorella can be improved when combining it with other nutrients/supplements.

Contact your Holistic Physician to see if incorporating Chlorella might improve your overall health, or expedite specific healing goals.

Posted 8 weeks ago

Therapeutic Nutrient Dosing - Are you getting Enough?

Nutrient deficiencies can be a big reason for causes of PAIN, organ dysfunction, Emotional/psychological Imbalances, and joint dysfunction.

If we are deficient in a specific nutrient, getting the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) amount of a nutrient through food will NOT help us replenish what we need fast enough.

Vegetable and fruit juicing can be a wonderful way to increase levels of certain vitamins and minerals. Others might do better with Supplementing with more of the Exact vitamin, mineral, fatty acid, amino acid, or other nutrient they are specifically in need of.

Visit your Holistic Physician today to see what nutrient or nutrients Your Body might need more of to continue Healing and Growing!

Posted 15 weeks ago

Healing with Red Algae

Red Algae is packed with Anti-Cancer, anti-tumor, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties! 

The sterols of red algae lower blood cholesterol and fat accumulation in the Heart and Liver.

Red algae can also act a valuable prebiotic for the gut to help Improve and modulate Digestive function.

Feel free to contact us for more information!

Posted 23 weeks ago

“To keep the body in Good Health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our Mind strong and clear.” - Buddha

Posted 30 weeks ago

Improve Your Health, to Express Your Heart

A healthy diet, high quality sleep and regular exercise can go a long way in improving one’s health. But sometimes “more” is needed than just the basics. 

Toxins, Heavy Metals, Microbes, and Plastics stored in the body could be inhibiting your body from improving itself. 

Old Muscle Injuries that haven’t “healed right” might be creating a dysfunctional movement patterns, causing internal agitation.

Poor air quality in the Home, Outside, and at work can use up valuable detox nutrients in the body, and promote immune system chemical sensitivity over time. 

Support your Heart Meridian: Surrounding yourself with people, music and affirmations that support your Goal to become a healthier You are essential to speeding up the healing process!

If you need assistance in improving Your health to better Express YOU, contact your Holistic Physician today!

Posted 36 weeks ago

Improve CORE Strength with Holistic Medicine

Abdominal, Oblique, and Low Back muscles are related to Small intestine, Large intestine and Adrenal gland related meridians of the body.  

If there are biochemical stressors or imbalances within these organs, Core Strength may be comprised. 

Undiagnosed food sensitivities, gut flora imbalances, fatty acid imbalances, and nutrient deficiency are potential causes. 

If your core strength has hit a plateau or decreased despite your best training efforts, contact your Holistic Physician Today!

Posted 43 weeks ago

“If Light is in your Heart, you will find your way Home.”

Posted 46 weeks ago

Mental Health Healing with Holistic Medicine

Talk therapy can make valuable changes in the lives of those suffering with Anxiety, Depression, and Anger. Sometimes talk therapy isn’t enough to see further improvements in one’s mental health.

Here are a few questions to consider when trying to improve one’s mental/emotional health:

-Are you getting enough specific Nutrients needed to heal and repair the Brain, the Heart and the Immune system?
-Is there a Microbial Infection you need to get rid of to reduce internal organ stress?
-Are there Heavy Metals causing neurological disruption in body which need to be removed?
-Are there Foods that you are eating that are driving dysfunction in your brain and body?
-Are there specific exercises that can help your body to feel more balanced and calm?
-Are there people in your life preventing you from making more Positive changes in your life?

Posted 51 weeks ago

Anti-Cancer Properties of Dandelion Root

Extracts from Dandelion Root have shown to have potent cancer-fighting potential in many types of cancer, including Liver, Colon, Stomach and Breast Cancer. Reduction in Inflammation and affects in tumor progression have also been observed with Dandelion Root.

Supplementing with ample amounts of the right Omega fatty acid and the right liver related Mineral can optimize Dandelion Root’s therapeutic effect in helping to reverse disease patterns.

Contact your Holistic Physician today to see if Dandelion Root will help expedite Your Healing!

Posted 56 weeks ago

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