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Please read Understanding the Healing Crisis prior to filling out the Contact form below.  It is important that you understand how Holistic Medicine works, so you are aware of what to expect on your journey towards optimal health.

Dr. Kateri Porto & Dr. Garrett Ezell operate under the professional corporation name Garrett Ezell DC PC which is in network with:

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Professional Network
  • Blue Choice PPO

NOTE: We are not in network with Medicaid nor Medicare, and we cannot bill BCBS Supplementary Medicare PPO plans. We can still treat you.  You will need to pay out-of-pocket at the time of visit as an Out-of-Network "Cash" Patient.

In-Network BCBS PPO Members: The form below is "private" and "secure". We need your Date of birthalphanumeric Member ID and Group Number in order to obtain a confirmation number from BCBS PPO in order to treat you.  Without this confirmation, we will NOT be able to book an appointment for you.

Out-of-Network "Cash" Patients: We accept cash, credit card, debit card, and flex cards associated with HSA/FSA accounts.  Visits with us may still be fully or partially covered if your benefits include "out-of-network providers". We will need your Date of birth, Mailing Address, and Phone Number in order to issue you a receipt that is acceptable to your insurance.

Contact Dr. Porto & Dr. Ezell

I have read "Understanding the Healing Crisis", and I fully understand that holistic medicine works differently than conventional medicine.

FINANCIAL: I understand that Garrett Ezell DC PC is only in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO, and not BCBS supplementary Medicare plans, nor any other insurance companies. If I have insurance that covers "Out of Network Providers", I can be provided with a coded receipt, called a "super-bill" so that I can submit a claim to my insurance on my own, or the doctors can submit that claim for me. I also, understand that if I do not have insurance, or I am in need of services that are not covered by my insurance, that it is my responsibility to pay for those at the time they are rendered.

INSURANCE: I am a BCBS PPO member.

RESPONSIBILITY: I understand that Dr. Porto and Dr. Ezell work together on each patient without exception. And that I am to take responsibility for my health by complying to at least 5 weeks of diet and lifestyle modification instead of solely relying on in office treatment alone. Diet modification may include supplements, protein and essential fats which are derived from both animal & vegetable sources.

EXPECTATION: I understand that not all conditions are "curable" in 1 treatment visit. Some conditions are complex and chronic in nature, and may require months or even years to completely reverse.

COMMUNICATION: I understand that Dr. Porto and Dr. Ezell usually respond to messages within 24 hrs, and that if I have not received a response within 24-48 hrs either the doctors response was filtered into my "spam/junk/trash" folder, the email address I provided was incorrect, my inbox was full, or I failed to check off the "I am human" box and follow the pop-up prompt before sending and the doctors never received my message. To ensure that I see the doctors response in a timely manner, I have saved "" to my email address book.

CAPTCHA & CLICK HERE TO SEND: You must click on the box beside "I am human" before the "Click here to Send" button or the doctors will not receive your message. This is an important security feature. You may need to disable your pop-up blocker.


Downers Grove, IL, 60516

Visits are by Appointment Only!

Our exact address has been purposefully omitted from this website to deter and prevent unschedule visits and interruptions to our patients treatment sessions. Please do not "drop-in" unexpectedly.

Sorry, NO Drop-ins!

"We screen all prospective patients via email to make sure we are a compatible doctor-patient match."


 If you have questions about our holistic practice, please email us at or use the contact form above.

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