Yoga Classes & Special Events

ALL LEVELS welcomed.  Prep work, and supportive props are offered, and more challenging variations are suggested in progression.  Choose the variation that allows you to grow. Room temperature is normal-warm unless otherwise stated.  Drop-ins Welcomed! Passes/Memberships Available.

Photo story: "Opening up to the Grace of Unseen Energies"
Main Location:
601 Burr Ridge Pkwy
Burr Ridge IL 60527

I love the way that you confidently lead students to find their edge & support them in feeling into each pose and circumstance. Your cueing is specific and intelligent, and really addresses alignment possibilities within each person's body. You are a compassionate and patient teacher with each student's success at the forefront of your offerings. Thanks for always bringing your "A" game.
~Donna Pozdol, LTF Yoga Manager, Feb 2019

Recurrent Location:
4701 Auvergne Ave Unit 104
Lisle IL 60532

ROOT yoga

Mindful Hatha Flow ~ 60 min

Yogic breath & body movement with simple dance-like FLOW, an inspiring series of long held Yang poses (to exercise strength),  followed by SURRENDER style Yin poses (to exercise flexibility). For anyone looking to try yoga & learn how it can enhance physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

11:00 am Sunday's @ LifeTime
9:30 am Friday's @ LifeTime

Yin/Restorative/Meditation ~ 60-75 min

Develop a conscious, calm mind through a quiet practice of reflection/meditation in different shapes.  Therapeutic movement, long connective tissue stretches & meditative breathing for greater mobility & self acceptance.  We'll hold series of supported yoga poses for 2-4 minutes to exercise flexibility. 

7:00 pm Sunday's @ LifeTime
7:00 pm Wednesday's @ LifeTime
5:30 pm Tuesday 8/20 @ LifeTime
*Marie Z subs Wed 09/04/19
HATHA yoga
Multi-Style Yoga Fusion ~ 75-90 min
A perfectly balanced Therapeutic Fusion from all yogas and functional exercise. This class offers you the stable, reflective qualities of harmonious Hatha, the revitalizing flow of mindful Vinyasa flow, the functional benefits of Primal Movement, the vibrational expansiveness of aspiring Kundalini Meditation, & the subtle yet profound energetics of yogic hand gestures, Mudra as medicine. A Balanced Practice. Experience Recommended.

10:45 am Friday's @ LifeTime
10:30 am Wed 7/31 @ Prairie
10:30 am Wed 8/14 @ Prairie

Private & Group Workshops 

  • Rhythm & Movement: Therapeutic Dance
  • Advance your yoga practice or exercise routine.
  • Refine a pose/movement that is difficult for you.
  • Heal and Rehabilitate an injury.
  • Learn to meditate and relax.
  • Specialty requests to enhance sport, organ system, mood, will be considered.
  • Privates are taught by Dr. Kateri at the studios locations listed above.
  • Group specialty classes and workshops are taught by both Dr. Porto & Dr. Ezell
  • Contact us if you'd like a workshop or specialty class presented at your place of business!
Contact to book yours today.

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