Testimonials & Success Stories

FLEXIBILITY-- Ms. C L. Nurse & Grandmother (May 2021) "We love you and feel blessed that you came into our lives. You are passionate and intelligent. You have the whole package!  I wouldn't be able to sit on the floor to play with my grandchild nor would I be able to pick up my grandchild if it weren't for you and your yoga classes."

77 YEAR OLD FEMALE EXCLAIMS VERTIGO & NECK PAIN CURED BY ONE DR. KATERI YOGA CLASS (June 2017) "I have to tell you why I didn't have to contact you: I felt I didn't need an appointment anymore! You cured my vertigo and neck pain with your yoga class!" (*Note: This is an atypical palliative effect of a group yoga class. Dr. Kateri says the class most likely provided relief but not a cure to an underlying disease pattern.)

WELLNESS CARE--Mr. M. P. Accountant (March 2016) "Thank you for the very fast follow-up email to my visit.  I am SO HAPPY to have you as part of my journey! My appointment with you was more than I hoped for!! Not only does your philosophy to health and healing resonate with me, but I truly get the sense that you both "walk your talk".  You believe in what you do and are passionate about it.  I absolutely LOVE when I feel it in people (especially professionals) I deal with!  You both listened compassionately, your attention was on me (your patient), you did not rush my visit, you stayed on task, gave me a chance to ask questions, and respected my time.  I could not have asked for more!! Thank you!"

HEAVY METAL DETOXIFICATION--Mr. D. C., PMP (April 2012) "Dr. Kateri Porto is simply the best doctor that I have ever had. She’s thorough, efficient and kind. She’s been invaluable in returning me to excellent health. This adventure has taken many twists and turns. I first had to establish dietary integrity by breaking bad habits and initializing good ones. Then it was off to get inspected with blood diagnosis and x-rays. She determined that I was suffering from heavy metal toxicity so it was off to the dentist to get old metal fillings replaced. I’ve also been through lots of detoxification under her care. The bottom line is that I feel better. She continues to educate me at every session so that I understand what’s going on with my body and have the tools to manage it on physical, chemical and emotional levels. She is simply extraordinary!"

AUTOIMMUNE-- Mr. J. N. , Sales Rep (Feb 2012) "You're a wonderful and tenacious Doctor.  I want to tell you that I feel, right now, better than I've ever felt, at least in the last 35 years.  Thanks to your guidance the psoriasis is 99.99% gone! I take NO drugs, my weight is ideal, and I'm physically the strongest I have ever been in my life!  What you don't know is I always wanted to be what I am now.  It took until I was 68 years old to realize my wish, but with your help, I will be able to enjoy what I've worked for, for many years to come.  I want you to know I have the utmost respect for your medical opinions. You have done more for me in the last 9 months than all the other docs I have encountered since I've been an adult."

ABDOMINAL PAIN-FREE AFTER 3 TREATMENTS-- Ms. B.A., 28 year old female, had been suffering from emotionally induced gastritis for a few weeks after quitting smoking and changing her lifestyle habits for the better.  She was treated with QA and AK diagnostic protocols and the 8-9/10 pain was reduced to a 4-5/10 and she was no longer extremely emotional.  After receiving a highly integrative NSB/TBM treatment, she is is now "happy and completely pain free."

JAW PAIN-FREE AFTER ONLY 1 TREATMENT-- Ms. A.B., 28 year old female, had been suffering from TMJ dysfunction for about a year an a half. She was treated by an oral doctor who supplied a mouth guard that caused her more discomfort. After one treatment by Dr. Porto Ms. A.B. exclaimed, "I feel great! I have no pain."

COLAR-BONE (CLAVICULAR) PAIN-FREE AFTER 1 TREATMENT-- Mr. J.H., 68 year old male. Pain and instability was there for 10-15 years and never returned after 1st treatment with Dr. Porto. "I don't know what you did or how you did it, but I thought I was going to have to live with that issue for the rest of my life. Thank you Dr. Porto."

THORACIC-OUTLET SYNDROME & BILATERAL KNEE PAIN GONE IN 1 TREATMENT--Ms. L.M., 35 year old female came in with thoracic-outlet syndrome confirmed by 3 orthopedic tests and bilateral knee pain due to muscle weakness associated with emotional stress. She was treated only once by Dr. Porto for complete cure of both issues.

ELBOW, SHOULDER & HIP PAIN-FREE IN 1 TREATMENT--Ms. D.E., 40 year old female. 

LOW BACK PAIN-FREE IN 2 TREATMENTS--Mr. M. F., 25 year old male, injured his low back lifting and twisting on the job.  He was diagnosed with an acute disc bulge, and he was 100% pain-free after only 2 treatments, when he decided to be compliant with Dr. Porto's hydration recommendations.

TMJ DYSFUNTION TREATMENT YIELDS DRAMATIC RESULTS, COMPARED TO EXPENSIVE DENTAL INTERVENTION IN ONLY 1 VISIT.  A 65 year old female, has had TMJ pain and discomfort of various degrees for more than 50 years. She underwent numerous, expensive, dental procedures to correct the issue without success. She was unable to eat or sleep without excruciating pain, and she was only able to open her mouth 3/4".  After one treatment, she was able to open her mouth 1,1/4 inches! Her pain was reduced by 50% while eating, and she was able to sleep through the night without the TMJ pain jolting her awake.

PATIENT CLAIMS DEPRESSION CURED WITH 1 TREATMENT--Ms. L. R., 30 year old female, suffered with clinical depression for a minimum of 15 years, saying that she "feels so sad that it hurts." Pharmaceutical intervention provided no relief and she didn't like the side-effects, so she stopped taking them 3 years prior meeting Dr. Porto. L.R. received one treatment and a couple of supplements to take for only 2 weeks.  Dr. Porto contacted L.R. after 3 days and again 2 weeks later, both times L.R. exclaimed that her depression is gone after the first treatment, and it never returned.

JAW PAIN 80-90% IMPROVED--Mrs. C. S., Teacher (Oct 2011) Dr. Porto was a tremendous help to me with my TMJ. I could barely open my mouth and eating anything that required chewing was a very slow and painful process, involving pain up into my head and down my neck and shoulder.  Eating in a restaurant was totally out of the question as everyone would be finished before I was even half-way through a small salad.  It was so bad that it was waking me up at night and I was not getting the sleep I needed.  My meals were mostly liquid.  I tried massaging my jaws as the dentist suggested, but it was not helping me.  When Dr. Porto worked on me the first time, I felt a lot of relief.  Some of the TMJ came back so I had two more visits with her to keep it under control.  I can now say that it is about 80-90% corrected (depending on the day and my stress level). Not only that but she found a correction that my jaw needed that also allowed me to do a yoga pose that has always been next to impossible for me! She is truly an amazing healer and person and she has my recommendation and complete confidence!

PSORIASIS 90-95% RESOLUTION--NORMALIZED WEIGHT--NORMALIZED CHOLESTEROL--CORRECTED B12 DEFICIENCY--Mr. J. N. , Sales Rep (Sept 2011) "I have been seeing Dr. Porto for about 3 months. My original appointment was the psoriasis I'd had for over thirty years. After my initial consultation I followed the course of supplements she recommended and saw a definite improvement within 7 days. After my second visit I decided this Doctor really knows her stuff and also incorporated her dietary recommendations into my life. At this point the psoriasis is 90 to 95% gone, thanks to Dr. Porto. Subsequent visits have resulted in correction of chronic right shoulder discomfort I'd had for many years, a weight loss I had been trying to achieve without results for many years, and the best cholesterol test results I've ever had. Needless to say, Dr.Porto is now my primary physician. I trust her with my well being."

FERTILITY--CONCEPTION WITHIN ONE MONTH--32 year old female (Sept 2011)  I first met Dr. Kateri as a yoga teacher.  Her technique and adjustments took my yoga practice to a place I had never been before.  For 10 years I had been doing poses that I had never felt the way she made me feel them.  Later I found out she was also a doctor.  It was because of the deep level of trust I had in her and comfort with her ability to treat me with a holistic approach that I sought out her help with issues regarding my fertility.  She made me understand that I should not be tied to one form of treatment, but rather let her complete diagnosis guide our treatment plan.   I allowed myself to be open to her recommendations involving supplements, nutrition, chiropractic and acupuncture and most importantly listening to the needs of my body – just as she had taught me in yoga.  I conceived the next month, and will continue to see her throughout my pregnancy and beyond because of how much better I feel overall.  I feel so blessed to have found Kateri Porto!

HIP PAIN RESOLVED-- Dr. V. G., Physician, (Jan 2011) "Kateri provided chiropractic care to me through the student clinic at NUHS. She provided excellent care and was dedicated to helping my body heal. Through her treatment I was relieved of chronic hip pain that I had struggled with for over 5 years. In addition, her nutritional counseling and supplement recommendations left me energetic and helped me to lose excess weight. Kateri is a natural healer with a kind and generous spirit." 

OSTEOPOROSIS & HYPERTENSION IMPROVEMENT-- Mrs. S. T., Media Resource Speciality, Kundalini Yoga Teacher (Feb 2011) "Kateri Porto is a high-energy individual, who takes her yoga instruction and practice to heart. She is extremely talented and knowledgeable, and her background in Chiropractic Medicine and other disciplines greatly contributes to her success at assessing posture alignment, deficiencies, etc. She brings dedication and compassion to all she undertakes in her yoga practice, and I am honored to recommend Kateri."

DIABETES CONTROLLED--Mrs. B. E., Teacher, (Jan 2011):"Dr. Kateri Porto is a remarkable doctor of chiropractic medicine, a healer on many levels. Holistic in scope, she utilizes her A.K.training and all her talents, treating the entire body. A wonderful by-product revealed to this patient is the direct correlation to mind and spirit involvement . She is a wonderful "reader" of the body, asking the right questions, investigating causal relationship of diet, activity, nutrition, medications, emotional climate. She is knowledgeable in depth in nutrition and body sciences so that after a diagnostic treatment one feels better, has a better understanding of how they move in the world, and how they may be contributing to their condition. The treatments she performed, supplements prescribed, exercises suggested, made amazing differences in my health and made me more conscious of the ways I can help myself. Under her careful doctoring, she discovered some root causes for my conditions. After chiropractic adjustments, and supplementation were made, I found myself more energized, as well as educated and enlightened. Dr. Kateri Porto is an amazing, intuitive presence and unique doctor who can treat a person on many levels. She offers guidance and support and is very inspirational as an avid practitioner of total wellness."

OVER WEIGHT & CHRONIC PAINS RESOLVED--Mr. D. C., PMP, (Nov 2010): "Meeting Dr. Kateri Porto and becoming her patient were two things that happened in my life that were unshakable stands for the integrity of my health.  I was under another doctor's care at the time and was constantly feeling achy and had severe pains in my legs and neck that just wouldn't go away.  I also had a lot of fat on my body and felt listless.  Dr. Porto worked with me on my diet and exercise regimes in a very supportive way.  Although I've been an AK patient for over 10 years, I've never experienced the level of support and guidance she was able to offer me.  Within the first few weeks, the achiness and pains subsided and I experienced a dramatic loss of fat on my body.  Dr. Porto has incredible skills as a healer and AK practitioner and is simply an extraordinary person.  I recommend her to anyone seeking to create better health in their lives."

HEALING & WELLNESS-- Ms. S. B., Aruvedic Medicine Practitioner, (Aug 2010) "My chiropractic sessions with Dr. Kateri Porto had many layers of healing.  Dr. Porto brings knowledge and experience of several alternative healing disciplines to complement the chiropractic adjustment.  The practice of Applied Kinesiology and Cranial Sacral were administered during my sessions.  Her keen sense of the body, mind and spirit as well as her attention to detail allow for the highest possible outcome for health and well-being.  Dr. Kateri Porto is a very thorough and heart-centered in her pursuit of wellness for her patients."

HEALING & WELLNESS--Dr. D. S, Physician, (Aug 2010) "Dr. Porto has a touch that is unparalleled to any other practitioner I have ever known. Don't let her size or age fool you; she has been given a gift for the tremendous intensity to heal gently and permanently. She is sweet and fun-loving, but extremely professional. She is an asset to have apart of any person's livelihood in their healing process. I would recommend her to anyone suffering from the ills of life; whether young or old, thick or thin, she has a good news for you."

SHOULDER & NECK PAIN RELIEVED-- Mrs. M. F., Office Worker/Mom, (Aug 2010): "I feel great! I can finally sit up straight without straining my shoulders/neck." (Via email, 24 hrs after only one treatment)

SKIN ISSUES RESOLVED--Dr. C. W., Physician (May 2010): "I would like to thank you for your outstanding care during my recent skin disruption. Your knowledge, experience and kindness were just what I needed. The face is one of the first things people notice when they meet you, so my facial acne was a big deal to me. Your examination in addition to the dietary recommendations and supplement advice really made a huge difference not only in my skin but in my self confidence. Thank you so much for everything you did for me."

PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS IMPROVED-- Mr. R. H., Industrial Worker & Marathon Runner (April 2010) "I really have to say that I am so very fortunate to have been able to work with you.  You have so many very unique and special talents.  You learn things, take the best, incorporate them into your collection/arsenal of talents and leave the rest.  I honestly don't know that I would have made the progress I have with anyone else.  Your knowledge, skills, energy and enthusiasm are so inspirational.  I can't thank you enough.  I am eternally grateful."


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