What ever Dr. Porto does, really works!

"When friends ask me what you do, I never know what to say.  I usually just tell them "I can't explain it, but it really works!  You just have to see it for yourself."  Is there a better way to tell people about what you do, and what Applied Kinesiology (AK) is?

~More than one Patient

AK encompasses so many approaches to examining the body and restoring normal function that it can be challenging to explain in lay terms. Referring your friends to this website would be one solution.

A favorite thing to say is "I can't describe what she does. She'll just fix you and if she can't, she'll tell you so."

Here is a great article that could help you to explain:

Applied Kinesiology Demistified

Here's my brief science based explanation...

AK is Functional Neurology.  It is all about excitation and inhibition of neural pathways in the brain and spinal cord. It utilizes the manual muscle testing response (inhibited, facilitated, over-facilitated - biased toward facilitation) as a reflection of the status of the anterior horn motor neuron pool (AHMN) for the muscle being tested. Sensory receptor (touch, taste, visual, smell, auditory) based diagnostic challenges result in muscle testing outcomes (changes in the AHMN) that are then used to direct appropriate therapy. READ MORE


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