Will I need X-rays or Blood tests?

Unless there has been serious trauma such as an automobile accident or a bad fall, or I have reason to believe there may be a serious disease process going on, that would contraindicated spinal manipulation, I will not need x-rays.  I don't need x-rays to find spinal misalignment since I get very accurate information in this regard through other means (motion palpation, range of motion testing, and manual muscle testing).

If your physical exam findings suggest a more complicated health issue, or if I need more information about you, or if we are not getting the results I think we should, I may order x-rays or other lab-work on a case by case basis. 

I could ask you to go for x-rays, an MRI, a CT, a DEXA scan, and/or specific fluid analysis (blood, urine, saliva, mucous).  I may even ask you to get certain things tested in your home or at work. 

Sometimes the spouse of a patient is also ill, but not showing outright symptoms, and it is the spouse that keeps reinfecting his/her partner.  For your complete recovery each member of your family may need assessment and treatment.  Yes, even your pet may need to be tested for infections--parasitic, bacterial, viral.

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