SER is the expression of emotion that has been retained or suppressed in various tissues of your body.  It is the residual localized energy which has been introduced into the patients body by external physical trauma, emotional trauma, pathogenic microbes, exposure to excessive radiation, toxic substances and other causes. 

This localized energy has been retained because, for some reason, the external induced energy has not been dissipated by the patient's body.  The body has kept it localized and concentrated in as small a volume as possible.  In doing this, the body minimizes the range of effect of the extrinsic energy.  This effect is due to the increased level of disorganized activity present in the localized focus of increased entropy (disorganization).  It then becomes deleterious to the vitality of the tissue where it resides.

Clinical observation and experience suggest that a compromise of the patient's bodily ability to dissipate the extrinsic energy results in this Energy Cyst complex.  This compromise in dissipative ability is most often related to a morbid physiological state or a background of destructive emotion present at the time that the extrinsic energy is introduced into the body.  Destructive emotion is usually guilt, anger, or fear.

SomatoEmotional Release (SER)

 SER is a Cranial-Sacral technique that is based on body/mind integration, the therapeutic sessions frequently:

  • Result in a re-experiencing of emotions that were attendant with the original accident or trauma.
  • This re-experiencing of the negative aspects of the original injury is a very good sign that the treatment has released at least a part, if not all, of the retained problems.  When this type of reaction occurs, Dr. Porto's role is to encourage you to concentrate on the memory and try to re-experience it to the fullest extent possible.
  • Once you are very familiar with the whole incident, Dr. Porto works to eradicate the attendant destructive negativity and convert it to positive constructive energy.

As a patient, you many experience a SER event, in which case you may release memories and feelings, such as joy, pain, fear, anguish, anger, resentment, etc.  Please remember: SomatoEmotional Release is not always a pleasant experience, but the results are worth the effort required to complete the process.

 What to Expect as a result of SER Therapy

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