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“Enhancing your 3rd eye Center”


In this brief blog, we will provide you with 6 things you can do to enhance your own 3rd eye power!

1) Pathogenic energies that are directly affecting the spleen, liver and kidneys will greatly disturb one’s ability to sense from the pituitary component of the 3rd eye center. An established energetic practitioner can either re-orient or remove these energies.

2) Hidden microbial infections that impact the thyroid, parathyroid or thymus meridians will distort one’s ability to sense from the pineal component of the 3rd eye center. A good holistic physician can recommend a safe approach to removing these hidden infections.

3) A lack of chromium, zinc or manganese (for pancreatic health and function) will Block one’s ability to sense from the thalamus component of the 3rd eye center. An alternative medicine or holistic physician can assess which mineral should be supplemented with at a given time.

4) Mother Earth centered individuals need to practice meditation in nature at least once per month to ‘unify’ the several components of the 3rd eye center. Electronics, man-made light, enclosed settings, etc. can destabilize this ‘unity’ in certain individuals.

5) Breathing techniques utilized in Kundalini yoga or other types of controlled, rapid breathing patterns can enhance the pituitary component for up to 72 hours. 

6) Mirror reading and writing can stimulate a more powerful unification of the entire 3rd eye center. BUT, check with an established energetic practitioner And holistic physician to see mirror reading and writing is beneficial for you (this is a powerful neural stimulus that must not be over-used or used at all for some.)

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Stomach Help for Heavy Drinkers

Alcohol can serve a functional purpose when used in small quantities and only IF you are healthy in the first place. This short blog will provide some excellent tips on helping your body to recover from alcohol in excess.

1) Hydration, electrolytes and alkalinity.  Alkaline water might be best to recover with IF your drink of choice may have been vodka, wine or other hard liquors. Regular spring water with electrolytes might be best if beer was consumed in excess.

2) Liver toxicity is always a concern with acute alcohol intoxication. Castor oil packs over the spleen or thymus might benefit those with weaker detoxification ability. Castor oil packs over the kidneys or heart might be better for those with palpitations, difficulty breathing, or circulation problems following a night of heavy drinking.

3) Zinc, Iron or Molybdenum deficiency. Depending on your physiology, and knowing what type of alcohol you wish to consume, the minerals needed most by the liver for detoxification purposes may vary. Check with your Holistic Physician to find this out before experimenting on your own.

4) B-12 combined with Magnesium will provide a valuable purpose for repairing the damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption. Ideally the first possible meal the day after should have a rich source of protein, vegetable and the right type of B-12 and Magnesium involved.  There are several forms of Vitamin B-12 and Magnesium and not all forms will work best for everyone, and this is why it is important to consult a highly educated Holistic Physician to see whats best for your body.

We do not condone or advise binge drinking, but we are equipped with the knowledge to help should this occur.  There are a number of other therapies that might benefit detoxifying in the days following your alcohol outing.

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“Lung Health for Hand Healers”


For those who work in healing profession, this blog is a valuable quick read!

Chiropractors, Massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, Acupuncturists, and other energetic practitioners all have one thing in common: their hands MUST present some type of healing energy! And to do this, the practitioner must have balanced lung, endocrine and conception vessel meridians with NO energetic blockages in these particular areas.

Energetic practitioners who work with entities, cords, curses, hexes, etc. may be able to remove the energetic blockages in these meridians, and allow for Healing energy to express itself through the hands.  LUNG meridian energies related to grief, modesty and tolerance tend to be the GREATEST blockages for every healer, and these blockages must be removed for meridian energy flow to propel forward exponentially (cosmic meridians in particular)! Microbial infection, toxins and nutrient imbalances may then be easier to manage.

Join us next friday for our workshop “Radiant Moon Flow” where we will discuss energetic blockages, Lung health, and engage in a balanced yoga set.

Register now at: Ahimsa Yoga Studio - “Radiant Moon Flow”

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“Radiant Moon Flow”

Join us in 2 weeks from today for our next workshop entitled “Radiant Moon Flow” to connect with the abundance of fortune our Moon energy can provide!

Thyroid, Adrenal Gland and Lung health applications will be discussed.

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Strong HEART techniques


The atriums, ventricles, pericardium, pericardial fluid and heart valves each symbolize a specific quality in energetic medicine. 

Through applying these qualities and themes to meaningful therapeutic yoga and movement, one can enhance and strengthen heart capacity and ability.

Join us this Sunday, February 11th at Ahimsa Yoga Elmhurst South for our next workshop entitled “Heart Connection Yoga” and learn valuable techniques to activate the specific energetic heart centers!!

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“Youthful GLOW, heart health, and dietary FAT”


In this short blog, we will discuss a type of yoga style that can help to heal various heart ailments and associated fatty acids that can bring back that youthful GLOW!

The energetics of the different components of the heart emphasize a specific nutrient need. To heal the heart and body, fats like fish oil or avocado oil will reduce immediate inflammation. But to regenerate and maintain a strong glow, saturated fat from sources like coconut oil or especially grass-fed meat are paramount to most physiologies. However, if your digestion is compromised, your source of vibrant glow and health may need to come from GLA, which is found in evening primrose oil or borage oil. Check with your holistic physician before self prescribing any of these fatty acids!!

Different styles of yoga, movement or exercise will actually develop the body and heart in unique ways. When it comes to healing the heart, focusing on a style of yoga that promotes right atrium “energetics” is the way to go.

Generally speaking, when movements are performed in a smooth, calm and tranquil manner, optimal healing energy can be circulated in the body. On February 11th at Ahimsa Yoga South in Elmhurst, we will present on “Heart Connection Yoga” where right atrium energetics will be expanded upon and applied towards the art of yoga.

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“GOLD heart yoga”


To create a state where you feel connected with yourself and those around you in a balanced manner, the energies of your heart must be ACTIVATED in 5 particular ways

This can be done through combining music, movement, visualizations and feeling. When using a holistic therapeutic approach to bring attention to the individual components of the heart (including the atriums, ventricles, pericardium, fluid, and valves), the energies of the body can create what is known in cosmic medicine as a “Golden Chakra Moment”.

Upon attaining this golden moment or golden state, we can actively promote a unified energetic state with ourselves and those around us. Join us for our next workshop on February 11th entitled “Heart Connection Yoga” to experience this moment for yourself!

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“Flu Shot Concerns”


At this time of the year, many individuals have either gotten sick for a few days or more. A lowered immune system tends to be the primary reason. In this brief blog, we discuss a few valuable pointers to consider regarding flu shot concerns.

Pointer #1: Get your immune system strong naturally before thinking about getting a shot! Getting a flu shot or vaccination mounts a STRESS on the immune system. Some individuals may actually get sick or experience a side effect from one or more ingredients from the shot, all because their immune system wasn’t READY for it. Improving Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Vitamin C levels are the place to begin for building a strong immune system.

Pointer #2: Make sure you don’t have any gastro-intestinal problems if you decide to obtain the flu shot. Gastro-intestinal issues related to constipation, bloating, intestinal infection, etc. will DISTRACT your immune system, even when you are bombarded with air-borne pathogens or ingredients from a flu or vaccination shot. This type of situation can increase your likelihood of experiencing a negative side effect from obtaining the shot or getting sick from air-borne viruses.

Pointer #3: A systemic calcium deficiency or strontium deficiency may cause one’s immune system to over-react to exposure from ingredients in flu shots. This occurs as a compensation to conserve these minerals for other physiological processes, and MASSIVE inflammation may result. Check with your holistic physician to see if this deficiency applies to you.

Although we prefer individuals to avoid flu shots or vaccinations, it is important to know that there are things that you can do for a successful, healthy outcome if you decide to or are required to get the shot. 

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