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“Blueberries to the Rescue!”


Blueberries are considered a superfood and can do wonders when eaten at the correct times. Here are 5 occasions when blueberries can rescue your health!

1) Following heavy metal detoxification, blueberries combined with pomegranate and liquid chlorophyll will replenish areas that have been damaged. Free radical damage occurs during the removal process and blueberries provide the necessary antioxidants to restore injured cells.

2) After rigorous exercise, foods with a high “ORAC” score should be ingested as soon as possible. Blueberries once again can prevent further cellular breakdown and aid in recovery.

3) Energetic practitioners who focus on removing energies from the kidney meridian AND heart meridian on the same visit may activate the immune system to kill off unwanted stomach flora. Blueberries ingested following this type of treatment may help to expedite this process.

4) Certain types of nematode parasites (which develop into tapeworms) are susceptible to damaging effects when immune cells have access to blueberry nutrients. When combined with effective holistic treatment to remove the tapeworm, blueberries may become an essential component.

5) Blueberries can have a beneficial effect in regulating histamines during allergy season in most individuals. Especially if the allergy sufferer is also MOLD sensitive. Homeopathic antihistamines combined with a bowl of blueberries can be a wonderful rescue remedy for those with sensitive stomachs.

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Posted 119 weeks ago

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