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“Karmic Fortune for your HEALTH”

In this brief blog, we’ll provide a few of “karmic rules” to abide by which can in turn redeem or enhance your health!

Karmic rule #1: Always make an attempt to say something constructive or to a point where you connect with the thing or individual you are critiquing. In energetic medicine, ‘pathogenic energetic cords’ to the spleen, liver and kidneys result when gossip or critiques become imbalanced. This may then decrease meridian flow or attract unwanted situations or experiences to come.

Karmic rule #2: Challenging or uncomfortable experiences may simply be an opportunity to pay back our moments of ‘lowered consciousness’, and actually improve our fortunes to come. Cosmic karmic law states that “when we pay back our past karmic debts, we become closer to Source energy. In turn we become closer to happiness, balance and harmony.

Karmic rule #3: With new opportunity comes new responsibility. To become a new person with new fortune, we must remove the pathogenic ‘things’ affecting us now. Cosmic karmic law encourages the removal of pathogenic energies from the body and spirit to optimize future fortunes.

Karmic rule #4: Give outward and physical thanks to those you learn from or wish to be like. Giving silent thanks through prayer is not enough, for cosmic karmic law states that energetic source binds or cord binds will develop; thus attracting more unwanted karmic lessons to come.

For more information on removing pathogenic energies from the body and spirit, feel free to contact us HERE!

Posted 114 weeks ago

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